Sharing my passion brings me closer to people and opens my heart to a more subtile understanding of the world around me.

I love to share my music. Most importantly I do that through concerts, either alone or with other musicians, and through teaching music.

For my concerts, I have created several themes to choose from, but of course you're not bound to them...they are just there to show you some of the options. A concert takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.

1. Old christian songs from the Byzantine and Maronite traditions in Arabic, Aramaic and old Greek.
2. Songs from the Andalousian and Sephardic traditions of the middle ages.
3. Songs from the Andalousian Classical Arabic tradition.
4. Great singers and composers of classical Arabic music from the 19th and 20th century.
5. A journey through the Arabic world in traditional songs of many Arabic countries.

For teaching classical Arabic singing i have two options: short trainings, mostly for groups, and regular courses, mostly for individual students.

One important note for both the short trainings and the regular courses:
Even though I am a certified music teacher (French state diplome), I can not hand out official diplomes myself. There are however other, creative ways to testify the achievements of the student both for trainings and regular courses:
1) I can issue a a personal statement specifying the individual achievements of the student, together with a basic rating,
2) I can help the student create a portfolio of some recordings (for example to put online or issue on CD),
3) if circumstances allow, the student can participate in one of my own concerts.

Short trainings

For the short trainings there are many options. The exact choice depends on the level, the interests and the availability of the students in the (whole) class.
Generally these are the trainings to choose from:
  • Techniques of the voice
  • Ornaments
  • Maqams (modes and scales)
  • Rhythms of the Mouashahat and classical Arabic repertory
  • Repertories of traditional Arabic music of the middle east: Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordany, Iraq and some songs from the Maghreb
  • Repertories of Aramaic Syriac, Arabic Maronite, Byzantine Orthodox and the Catholic churches of Lebanon, Palestine and Syria
  • Chorus singing
Students of every level are welcome: experienced singers, students with some knowledge of Solfège, and enthusiasts with no prior experience in music.

Despite their recreational nature, these trainings are quite intense, and the students should be available for time needed to reach their goals. Depending on specific wishes it is of course possible to adjust the intensity of the training, by shortening or lengthening it.

Regular courses

The regular courses are a bit different from the short trainings. They are much more personal, and therefore specifically designed for each student alone. A regular course can take up to 40 weeks at 1 to 8 contact hours per week. Please contact me for all of the available options!


For more information or reservations, please contact me through my email at info@anasshabib.com

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